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LDE UTC offers a new kind of personalised learning based on a challenging curriculum with clear progression into employment, higher education or apprenticeships. It is the intention that all subject delivery as far as possible will be through pioneering technical projects incorporating our subject specialisms which include:

  • Engineering
  • Built Environment
  • Art and Design

You will develop a real flair for design, engineering, science and maths, being proud to belong to a school for achievers.

Like any school, our broad and balanced curriculum will enable you to attain national qualifications, including GCSEs, A-Levels, BTECs and the Ebacc at KS4. You will also be able to study more in the technical design and engineering areas that you are excited about.

A range of qualifications will be on offer alongside the core curriculum. You will also develop skills in finance and enterprise through setting up your own ventures and the curriculum will be enriched with many clubs and societies where you will take part in events across the academic year. 

Making a difference

Employers and universities will recognise students from LDE UTC for both their academic excellence and their technical life experiences. LDE UTC students will stand out from the crowd, in any application process, whether for employment or university places.

How will I learn?

Each student at the LDE UTC is an individual with different interests and needs. So how can we ensure all students will achieve their potential and succeed?

  • You will work with a personal mentor to help you link all aspects of school life, including work experience. Your mentor will help you focus on achieving your full potential and enjoying your time at school.
  • You will have a personalised learning programme matching your talents, skills, interests and abilities to support the best possible attainment of academic standards and optimise your future life chances.
  • You will work for much of the time in mixed groups on cross curricular employer led projects. You will have access to portable technology, allowing flexible learning at school, at home and in the workplace.
  • You will be supported by employers who will provide great opportunities for you to experience the world of work and help you learn how to be successful in the next stages of your development.
  • Employers will support you in how to write a good CV, rehearse your interview skills and support your project work.